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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Options that Actually Work. -- Sculptra

Posted last March 26, 2012, 10:44 am for Med Spa Pus in Health report article

For most of us, the wrinkles, jowls, sagging and other symptoms of an aging face are actually the result of lost volume that starts as early as our late 20’s.  It is typically during this time that we start trying different creams, lotions, and exotic elixirs to stem the decline.  At first they may seem to work and make us feel that we have found some control over the aging process.  Then, after a few years nothing seems to work anymore.  We start trying more expensive and more extreme products and devices and more involved combinations of all of them.  At some point we give into the thought that only surgery can correct what has been lost to time.  Welcome to the world of  21st Century cosmetics and non-surgical rejuvenation!  With all the available options that weren’t even imagined a few decades ago, lasers, botox, fillers, etc. one stands out among the rest as the most effective, natural and cost effective solution to the aging face.  Sculptra is quickly becoming the number one treatment for volume loss due to aging or illness.  Results can last over 5 times longer than the most popular dermal filler at less than a tenth the cost for similar results.  And, Sculptra makes your own body’s natural collagen create the volume! So, there are no concerns of the artificial feeling some experience with typical fillers or the hard protruding shapes of implants that you age through in just a few years.  Sculptra stimulates your body to build its own collagen over a period of several weeks making the process the slow, natural way to improved appearance.  Multiple treatments are preferred so that volume growth can be adapted to your natural appearance and your body’s ability to add collagen.  (This prevents the “over done” image we’ve all seen on some celebrities.)  Additional treatments can be made at any time and touch-ups are recommended every couple of years to keep ahead of our natural aging process.  What are the short-term side effects?  Because Sculptra is mostly sterile water, the swelling is minimal and significantly less than typical treatments with dermal fillers.  In fact, most patients are disappointed when the swelling dissipates over the next couple of days.  As with any injection, bruising is always a possibility.  With the use of optical telescopes, an experienced Physician can minimize this possibility but even the best will occasionally leave a treatment bruise.  There are several things the patient can do to minimize the chance of bruising by eliminating several things 4 days prior to treatment.  This includes all aspirin and aspirin-like products, alcohol, fish oils and other oil supplements.  Taking vitamin K days before and after treatment has also been found to help with bruising. In some cases, depending on the experience of the Physician and the compliance of the patient to massage the treated areas for the first few days after treatment, there have been reports of nodules forming in the treated areas.  These are areas that have concentrated collagen growth and subside naturally over time.  In most cases they are not visible and so tiny that they are noticeable only by rubbing over the specific area.  Though more prevalent a complaint years ago when the product was first introduced, currently trained and experienced Physicians seldom see but the most minor, occasional occurrences.What are the long-term side effects?  Unlike other long term or permanent fillers or treatments, Sculptra completely disappears after several months and transformed into natural collagen generated by your own body.  You continue to age naturally but from a more youthful appearance.  As this natural collagen ages with you and begins the normal aging cycle, additional Sculptra can be added to revitalize and replace it all over again.  Because you’re not starting over but just maintaining the volume created from your initial treatments, you will typically require a treatment, or even a half treatment, only every couple of years depending where you are at in the normal aging cycle.  After decades of use in other medical procedures, there are still no known side effects from the basic ingredients of Sculptra.As with any medical treatment or procedure, the results you see are directly related to the quality and experience of the Physician.  You wouldn’t blame a bad haircut on the scissors nor should a poor result from Sculptra be blamed on the product.  We have seen many patients who feel all Physicians are the same no matter what the treatment or procedure.  So they look for simply the best price.  You would think that where one’s face is involved one would not be looking for Blue Light Specials, but they do.  In the right hands, Sculptra is simply the very best volumizing treatment available today, anywhere.  Dr. Diane Cantrell, M.D. has been a practicing physician from the age of 24 after graduating at the top of her class.  She has been uniquely trained with Sculptra and other non-surgical methods that she uses routinely in her practice.  Her unique talents have attracted repeat patients from as far away as California and Europe.  Her father was one of the last practicing Naturopathic Physicians in the State and she brings that holistic approach to her patients.  She is one of only a handful of Physicians who successfully uses Sculptra in unique, detail-oriented ways to solve a variety of cosmetic problems in the face, neck, hands, and other areas…