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Commercial Real Estate NYC

Posted last December 14, 2012, 5:04 am in Real Estate report article

New York City, the most populated urban area in the United States, is also considered the center of the US’s interest in international business and commerce and is labeled as one of the three bases for the world economy along with London and Tokyo. The city is rife with bank headquarters, financial companies, retail spaces, world trade establishments, transportation businesses, tourism endeavors, and various styles of media and tech companies, along with boutique showrooms and office users.


Along with this wide collection of businesses has come a unique blend of commercial real estate properties. New York City is full of both skyscrapers and boutique structures, providing nearly any type of business with the exact type of space they require in which to thrive. While there is nothing left to be desired in choices, having so many different types of commercial real estate in NYC can make wading through the possibilities a bit daunting.


Willow Stone Realty is backed by years of experience in the unique landscape of commercial real estate in NYC and is complete in its knowledge of the commercial real estate market in all NYC submarkets. With this blend of knowledge and customer service, tenants can easily and securely wade their way through New York’s real estate maze, making the wisest financial decisions for themselves and their businesses. Whether you’re looking for a space to lease, want to invest in commercial real estate in NYC, or are looking to purchase a property, Willow Stone Realty has the knowledge and experience to get it done in the best possible way and for the best possible price. Don’t let the commercial real estate market in NYC scare you: we’ve got you covered!


Commercial Broker NYC


Finding a commercial broker in NYC, which is considered an already saturated market, can be a daunting process; however, understanding the exact purpose of a broker can be helpful. In short, a Willow Stone commercial broker in NYC acts as tenant representative, locating and negotiating the best possible terms for each client. Rather than agents who may represent both landlords and tenants, Willow Stone Realty is focused in its allegiance solely toward tenant representation.


For Landlords, commercial brokers strategically market the property, actively seek out potential tenants, and assist the landlord in obtaining the highest price for his or her commercial property. A willow Stone commercial real estate broker works to represent the interests of the tenant against the landlords broker, in an effort to protect the tenants interests and obtain the lowest possible pricing terms on a price per square foot basis.


Given the fast-paced and stressful nature of the New York real estate market, finding a trustworthy, loyal, and experienced commercial broker with a sole focus on tenant representation in NYC can be tough since many brokers represent both tenants and landlords simultaneously. At Willow Stone Realty, our fully licensed, experienced commercial brokers can help both tenants looking to lease or buy commercial space, navigate and succeed in the commercial real estate business. From pinpointed understanding of each tenants aesthetic and budgetary needs to ensuring that tenants are placed in buildings with reputable landlords who properly maintain their properties, there are perhaps no better commercial real estate brokers in NYC than those working out of Willow Stone Realty.


Office Space Chelsea


The neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan is home to one of the most diverse blends of businesses and cultures in the city as well as an incredibly varied combination of real estate, especially when it comes to office space. From the Chelsea Harbor to the Historic District, tenants havetheir pick of views, location, and price when it comes to purchasing or renting office space in Chelsea.


Chelsea is home to a great deal of office users ranging from businesses of all kinds and sizes. Within Chelsea lies one of the most influential art districts in the city as well as the country, numerous types of retail outlets, restaurants, and small boutiques. When choosing office space anywhere, including in Chelsea, ensuring that your building is in a diverse, easily accessible, popular area is key, especially if you provide in-person services.


Whether you’re looking for a quiet space away from foot traffic or need to be easily visible to those passing by, Willow Stone Realty can help you to find the best office space in Chelsea. Willow Stone is here to best represent your interests as a tenant.


Office Space SoHo

Encompassing over 26 blocks and home to over 500 buildings, the historic neighborhood of SoHo in Lower Manhattan is a dream for just about any potential tenant in the city. From a unique blend of art galleries, small boutiques and international stores, to the inimitable culture, both political and social, of the area, Soho is a haven for companies that truly provide something extraordinary.

Erik Nissani is well experienced professional commercial broker nyc  working for commercial real estate nyc. at Willow Stone Realty. In this article, he explained all the real estate related facalities and services which are available at Willow Stone Realty.

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